TrackLabor is a web-based time tracking and productivity-measuring tool that takes out the risk, guesswork and uncertainty from outsourcing.

It tracks everything that gets done on the remote workers' computers so you can monitor their activity, evaluate productivity and get a clear idea of what's going on with your assignments.

Simple visual reports give you all the right answers to:

Stop agonizing whether your outsourcers are actually working, or you are being taken for a ride! Peek into their computers at any moment to see with your own eyes what they are doing and where your money is disappearing.

Spot right away which of your workers are undertasked, but afraid to say so... Who's truly motivated, and who's just twiddling thumbs at your expense...
QUICKLY find out who to keep... and who to let go immediately.

TrackLabor tells you exactly how your outsourcers spend their time and attention. See early warnings of them getting sidetracked on unproductive tasks, so you can interfere before it's too late and redirect them to more profitable activities.

Get ready to recover on average as much as 3 hours and 54 minutes worth of productive time
per person per week... and see a dramatic boost in return on your investment in outsourcing.

What people say

"RescueTime's presence motivated me to be significantly more disciplined with time management and focus on tasks that added to my bottom line instead of allowing distractions to derail my concentration."
-Bill Winterberg, Morningstar Advisor

"...the services really helped us get a handle on how we spend our work time. And having a written account of where our minutes went pushed us to modify our work habits-and get more done."
-Alina Dizik, Wall Street Journal

"For the past year, I've been able to count 75 percent of my time as billable hours, which is great for a designer. RescueTime certainly played a role in that."
-Matt Everson as told to J.J. McCorvey, Inc. Magazine

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